Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment service provider?
What makes us different from an eWallet?
What is a payment gateway?
Can I accept payments over the phone from customers?
How much can I expect to pay per transaction?
What fraud risk protection included?
Is NOIRE’s payment gateway easy to integrate?
Is Integration support offered?
Will NOIRE’s payment gateway work with my chosen shopping cart?
What payment options are available?
What is PCI DSS?
What about my business’ PCI DSS compliance requirements?
What is an Internet Merchant Account?
Why get an Internet Merchant Account from NOIRE?
Can a merchant considered high risk have an Internet merchant account?
Is multi-currency processing available?
What is the settlement time?
What are application fees for an NOIRE merchant accounts?
Do you process for digital content, virtual goods and download products?
Do you process for products that are shipped?
Whats rolling reserves?
Is online reporting available?
What will I need to apply?

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